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Construction Schools

Online Programs?  Apprenticeship?  Hands-On Training?  How Will You Learn Construction?

There are three basic types of educational routes young women can follow to achieve an education in construction industry.
  • Work your way up the ladder on actual construction jobs. 
  • Serve an apprenticeship or an internship. 
  • Study at an accredited school.
Not every option is viable for everyone. Some find that they are able to learn a trade with a hands-on approach by working on a construction site, while others find a structured apprentice program beneficial. Certainly, the best salaries are offered to those with a degree in the industry. And it might be easier to get that degree than you think.

Builder Chicks is dedicated to helping you find apprenticeship programs and we are here to give you information about higher education opportunities in construction. There is no “right” way. There’s only the way that’s best for you.

Construction Programs and Schools

Alfred State College: ASC, located in Alfred, NY, offers an undergraduate program in construction education with classes that include Construction Safety, Cabinet and Countertop Construction, Landscape Construction and many, many more choices for any student interested in majoring in construction. View a full list of their academic offerings.

California State University: At CSU, you can earn your Bachelors in Construction Management and Construction Engineering Technology and graduate with cutting-edge construction knowledge on their beautiful Fresno campus.

Arizona State University: ASU offers a BSE, MS, MSE or PhD in Civil Environmental Engineering. Visit the Construction Research and education for Advanced Technology Center if you’re going to do a walk-through anytime soon.

Colorado State University: Located in Fort Collins, CO, CSU’s Department of Construction Management offers degrees and internships in construction related fields. The students enjoy participating in construction competitions to hone their skills.

University of Florida: The M.E. Rinker School of Building Construction offers job placement for students after graduation and provides online programs for some classes. Check out the Rinker Scholar Program for PhD students in the construction industry.