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Fun Const. Stuff

We sometimes come across fun construction stuff on the net and we wanted to share it with our community of readers. Feel free to follow the links to the wierd and the wacky or the truly terrific.

How to Build a Secret Underground Room. This caught my eye. A secret underground room. And the guy has a good grasp of the concept. This reminds me of my childhood clubhouse. Where's my decoder ring?

The Strata Center: One of my all-time favorite fun construction images. This is real, girls, and this is whacked. So why do I love it? I'm not sure but I do. If you've been in construction as long as I have, you know this is a masterpiece, albeit a funky one.

Bill Gates even footed some of the bill to construct this Alice-in-Wonderland' "Oh my, I'm dizzy," building in Cambridge Mass. I haven't seen it in person...yet...but, it's on my list of places to see before I croak.

Maybe we should all set a future date - call it "Meet Me at the Strata" and spend an afternoon admiring the art. Let me know. I'm game.

The Leonardo Bridge: Norway is home to this amazing building feat!  This wonderfully wacky work of art is a real bridge near Oslo.
Check out the site and learn the specs of this bridge. There's just something about the fluid lines that curve and slope that create a stunning foreground object.

Fantastic. Wouldn't you just love to be in on that project?

Madeburg: A water bridge big enough to hold barges. Another fun and fantastic foray in to building history. The Madeburg in Germany was built in 2003 as an elevated aquaduct.

This baby supports the weight of barges! Above ground!
I'm impressed. The plans for this water bridge were first bandied about way back in 1912, but political skirmishes, wars and wall kept the bridge from being built until 1997, after the reunification of Germany.

Another "must see" structure, don't you think?