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Stretching to Avoid Construction Injuries?

Why not?

Many construction projects are no different than playing sports. All good coaches recommend at least a brief stretching period before taking part in the strenuous stuff and for good reason; a long muscle is a strong muscle. And it's less likely to be injured.

Building is no different, especially if you're going to be framing walls, roofing or installing drywall. You bend, lift, reach, stretch and twist your body as you build.

Protect your muscles by stretching gently before starting your day and during breaks.

A few good construction stretches:

  • Face a wall with one foot in front of the other. Lean forward, bracing yourself with your hands and keep your back leg straight, stretching your Achilles tendon. Switch legs and repeat.
  • Standing, clasp your hands together behind your back and bend forward at the waist .Lift your arms high behind you to stretch your upper back and shoulders. Stand up, relax, roll your head slowly and repeat.
  • Plant feet shoulder width apart and raise your arms to the side to form a "T". Twist gently as far as you can to one side, then to the other to loosen your midsection.
  • Take your coffee break on the floor. Sit with legs extended straight in front of you and gently stretch your torso towards your legs. Repeat.
 Five minutes is all you need to reduce your risk of pulling a muscle. Commit now to be a safer, and more flexible builder. Your body will thank you.


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