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How Will Climate Change Affect Your Construction Practices?

We hear about it almost daily. Our industrial practices are creating emissions that destroy portions of our atmosphere's protective abilities, allowing our climate temperatures to fluctuate wildly, melting ice flows and raising ocean tables.

Congress is taking note and so are organizations that are studying the best ways to reduce additional impact on our environment.

So, how will climate change affect your construction practices? The US Green Building Council  has developed a rating system, the LEED system, that offers green building suggestions for new residential and commercial construction projects.

These suggestions are just that...suggestions. But construction experts think they will be implemented into building code before long.

In the short run, the cost of construction materials will likely go up. Even when it's voluntary, homeowners and commercial clients want the new eco-friendly technology. If you start learning about it now, you'll be ahead of the game. Instead of gravitating to the well-known and the reliable construction materials, ask your lumberyard representative about new green building materials they are selling. Find out the pros and cons. If you can afford it - try it.

Start a construction waste recycling program on your jobsite. The way you dispose of construction materials is preparing to change. By recycling some construction waste, you will reduce the impact from the need to manufacture new construction materials. Talk to your employees and start a construction waste recycling program that becomes second nature before you're required to do so.

Relax. I've spoken with numerous contractors who are none too happy about the coming adjustments created by climate change. You can fret about it all day but it won't stop the changes. However, you can become proactive in the movement, follow the new green building trends and the changes will have less impact and make more sense. And you'll be ready to implement them cost effectively.

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