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Women Must Fight Hard for Their Place in the Construction Industry

I recently read an article entitled, "Where is Roberta the Builder?" The author questions the subconscious idea that women should be at home or uninterested in things like building.  Oh, that's rich.

After I seethed a while, I concurred that he makes a valid point. Women make up only 10 percent of the construction industry and until we can raise those numbers - or at least become more visible in this industry, we will face men who think we don't belong here.

If you're like me, you grew up thinking construction was for men, that it just wasn't a real option for your future. Then, something happened; Maybe a teacher saw in you a talent for design or you took a shop class and you found out you were good at it. Really good at it. Your interest in the construction industry piqued.

But that still leaves us with a dilemna. How do we create a feeling of true equality when we're up against a traditional male industry? How do we turn the male resentment into willing acceptance?

The answer, I think, is with slow but steady persistence and visibility. We have to get out there and join the local builder's clubs. We have to take part in community events that allow others to see us at the top of our game.

And we have to do a good job. No matter if you're a man or a woman, if your work is better, if you're faster, or if you're cheaper than the competition, you have a fighting chance. People want quality and they want it at a fair price. Word-of-mouth may be the biggest promoter in the construction industry today.

I'm interested in hearing stories from other women in construction who have successfully (or not successfully) faced sexism in the industry.

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