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Air Tools: Choosing the Right Ones

Everyone uses air tools these days, and if you're a do-it-yourself weekend warrior, you could save yourself some elbow grease if you choose your air tools wisely.

  • Make sure you have the correct power source at home. That nail gun won't run without a compressor. It's not a stand-alone tool.
  • Get a nail gun that you can comfortably operate. The biggest framing nailer out there won't do you much good if you can't use it overhead without taking frequent breaks.
  • Look for durability with air rotation tools. Ratchets and air wrenches are great for replacing the manual twist, twist, twist of hand tools.
  • Get a two-handed sander to reduce elbow strain. Sanders are great but even a small vibrating or orbital sander will tire your arm if you can only use it with one hand.
  • Go small on air saws. reciprocating saws and air shears can making cutting at heights easier, but they will cycle your compressor frequently. The big stuff is still cut with skill saws and tables saws.

I'd be interested in hearing what your favorite air tools are. Do you keep them on your belt for quick changing? Or do you attach one and return to the compressor to switch? I read this guy's advice on how to choose air tools and it gave me the idea for this article.


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