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Reducing Workplace Accidents in the Construction Industry

You already know construction is dangerous but there is a fine balance between staying safe and slowing down the work schedule.

The answer lies in taking a responsible approach to reducing workplace accidents. We've compiled a list of the most common areas of danger on the construction work site.

In general, the goals must be to:

  • Reduce falls
  • Prevent explosions
  • Prevent excavation accidents
  • Leave safety guards in place
  • Insist on eye protection
  • Train in scaffolding
  • Cap rebar
  • Clean the site
  • Insist on hardhats
  • Match the worker to the job

Check the safety of your site against our list.


  1. We know that construction is dangerous both for the workers as well as for the pedestrians. You can reduce this risk though by taking safety precautions and following rules and norms of the construction company. Great article!

    Best Regards,
    Arnold Brame

  2. Can't ever be too careful when it comes to construction site safety and protecting peoples lives. Thanks for the tips.


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