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Insubordinate Employees

Disagreements are never pleasant but when they arise between the boss and the employee, trouble might be brewing. But, keep in mind that, as the boss, you can't control everything that is said. And if you have an employee with a valid gripe, you could suffer if you try to shut her down unfairly.

  • Take the time to find out if the insubordination is real or if she is responding to a problem on the work site that needs to be fixed.
  • Talk to her alone. If you berate her in front of others, you're just asking for trouble.
  • Stay visible. If you must confront an employee, get out of earshot, but remain where others can see you.
  • If the problem concerns safety on the job, take a closer look. An unresolved safety issue could come back to haunt you if you refuse to listen and remedy the situation.

The bottom line is to treat your employees with respect but don't let employee insubordination disrupt the job site.

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