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Green Residential Building

This is where the future is.

Although I initially resisted this snowball-rolling-down-the-hill, I now see some real benefit to our economy and our environment from green residential building techniques.

You see, I paid attention when there was great talk of the "new" way to build sustainable homes from straw bales. I was leery and sure enough, the homeowners had some trouble with mold and some very expensive repairs. But green residential building technology moved on and improved while I was still pondering the old straw bales.

Today's eco-friendly building is embracing energy savings and quality materials, ensuring that the homeowner isn't left with a lemon. Some of the new green residential building trends include:

  1. Moving from new construction to remodels.
  2. Increased solar and wind generation in homes.
  3. Zero-net-energy technology.
  4. Local and state incentives and green mandates.
  5. Fresh water conservation technology in the home.

If you haven't already dipped your pinkie in the green residential building pond, this might be the time to take a night class or borrow some library books on the subject. Don't be left behind.

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